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Why is it best to hire a licensed plumber?

Licensed plumbers have been trained far beyond a plumber who has not been licensed. Licensing is often based on the work performed such as gas piping, residential, and commercial options. Another method of licensing is based on the amount of experience a plumber has. After 2 to 3 years of apprenticeship, as well as a year or two of plumbing experience, you are considered a journeyman plumber. Then, after five years of professional experience, you can take a master plumber exam. Both journeyman and master plumbers are licensed and are highly skilled in their profession.

How do you use a snake to clean a clogged drain?

A plumbing snake is also known as a plumbing auger. Augers cost anywhere from $10 to over $30 for a longer model. Know how far away you expect your clog to be and purchase an appropriate length snake.

Insert the snake into your drain and slowly turn the crank to cause the auger to continue down the drain. When you encounter a bend, you’ll feel a bit of resistance but keep turning to get through the bend.

Once you reach the clog, the rotating tip will either pierce through it or attach to it so that you can pull it back out of the drain.

What does Plumbing Code mean?

Plumbing Code is the set of rules and regulations that anyone who does work pertaining to the city’s drinking water, toilet facilities, or sewer must follow. These rules are imposed by the state, county, or city that you live in. It’s important to contact your local municipality and understand these rules completely before trying to tackle a job on your own.

Can a plumber fix my gas lines too?

There is a lot in common between the piping in a plumbing system and the piping used for natural gas. Generally, any licensed Master plumber can work with gas lines. However, because this work can be very dangerous, be sure to ask to see an insurance card and a license that allows them to do this work. In fact, it might even be illegal in your municipality to have anyone work on your pipes that does not have the license to do so.

How can I stop my toilet from running?

Here are the 4 most common fixes:

  1. First, check the fill tube. If it’s loose or cracking, water can be leaking into the tank.
  2. The most common cause of a running toilet is a bad seal. Remove the old flapper and take it with you to the store to be sure you purchase the proper replacement piece.
  3. Another culprit can be a float that needs to be adjusted. To adjust the float, look for the fill valve in the tank and twist the adjuster until you have the proper fill height.
  4. A flapper chain that’s either tangled or too short can keep the flapper from closing properly.

Which is better, copper, or plastic pipe?

The consensus is that copper piping is better than plastic.  Plastic piping can become brittle and break down over time.  Additionally, if you need to repair plastic pipes, you will need to use glue to seal them back together.  It will take time for this glue to dry and you will be without water until then.  On the other hand, copper pipes are fixes with solder which is an instant fix with no waiting time.  Another aspect to consider is that rodents like to chew on plastic.  Repeatedly having to fix chewed pipes is not a situation anyone wants to experience.

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Thank you for fixing our low water pressure issue. They fixed a long time issue that we had with our sinks and showers. Thank you!

Angela P., Lowell, NC

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